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  • Starfinder: Jonathan welcomes Shaun Rumsey and Scott Trujillo, for a grand, module adventure!
  • Welcome To Washington is available now here!




Welcome To Washington is a new political strategy board game that takes a satirical look at the dark side of American politics. Prepare to channel your inner Congressman, grab your friends, and see who will be elected the next President of the United States!

But this is no easy accomplishment. For now, you need to gain power, influence, and some political capital. Make allies by backing other Congressmen, run for minor offices in the House and Senate, use diplomacy and bribery to force others to assist you, garner support from the lobbying industry and other fonts of political corruption, and spin devastating conflicts to cast yourself in a more favorable light. Do anything and everything in your power to become the next President of the United States!

how do i get this game?

Welcome To Washington is available now on GameCrafter, during our micro-publishing first run!