Nahui-Cetl: Sixth Age of the Aztecs

The apocalypse is upon us! The sixth destruction and recreation of the world has been foretold, and the Nahui-cetl (Ice Sun) shall soon be here. The gods must be appeased with hearts and blood. Take command of an (in)famous city-state, and go forth to claim the most Sacrifices to assure your city’s survival into the next age.

Lesson 1: Nahui-cetl is pronounced " Nah we - set'l "

Free print & play game! It includes a full set of game rules, printable chits and cards!

What you will need:

18x Warrior Cards
1x 6-sided Dice
13x Sacrifice Chits (printable in the document above)

What if I don't want to print anything?

If you have a standard deck of playing cards and a single 6-sided dice, you can still play! Follow the instructions in the rule document on how to deconstruct the standard playing card deck.

What does the document contain?

Our design document contains all the rules you will need to play Nahui-Cetl: Sixth Age of the Aztecs, and a variety of other goodies! Inside you will find custom artwork, detailed examples of play, customized playing cards, Sacrifice Chits, detailed briefs about particular Aztec myths and legends, translations and phonetic spellings of classical Nahuatl (Aztec/Mayan) words (so you can learn to pronounce them correctly!) and teachings about the Aztec vigesimal numerical system (so you can learn how to count to twenty in classical Nahuatl and draw runes representing numbers up to 400 [which is surprisingly easy!])

Nahui-Cetl is very easy and quick to play. We hope you will also enjoy the educational value of the game, and maybe even inspire you to learn more about these fascinating cultures!