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  • Starfinder: Jonathan welcomes Shaun Rumsey and Scott Trujillo, for a grand, module adventure!
  • Welcome To Washington is available now here!




Welcome To Washington is a new political strategy board game that takes a satirical look at the dark side of American politics. Prepare to channel your inner Congressman, grab your friends, and see who will be elected the next President of the United States!

But this is no easy accomplishment. For now, you need to gain power, influence, and some political capital. Make allies by backing other Congressmen, run for minor offices in the House and Senate, use diplomacy and bribery to force others to assist you, garner support from the lobbying industry and other fonts of political corruption, and spin devastating conflicts to cast yourself in a more favorable light. Do anything and everything in your power to become the next President of the United States!

how do i get this game?

Welcome To Washington is available now on GameCrafter, during our micro-publishing first run!


Enter the arena

"The crowd roars as you avoid the swing of the blood-and-sweat tinged sword the gladiator across from you is wielding. You eye each other warily and steady your weapon. Noticing a well-hidden spike trap behind your opponent, a plan begins to take shape. You dash forward to catch the other gladiator off guard, and he stumbles backwards into the trap. A wide smile breaks on your face as the crowd cheers your name and you raise your arms in triumph."

Enter The Arena is a competitive strategy based card game for 2 to 4 players. The game is intended for audiences aged thirteen and older, and has a play time of 15-30 minutes. As in the real Gladiatorial arenas of old, fighting prowess alone is not all that is required for success. The love and adoration of the crowd is no less important if one seeks to triumph in the arena.

Enter The Arena Press & Game Reviews: 


"The ability to bluff and game your opponent on a mental level has the potential to bring in a selection of gamers that aren’t normally up for a game of swords and shields, including myself." 
"Excellent stuff and a surprisingly deep level of thought is needed at times to win. I like games like this that seem small and simplistic but then quickly teach you that looks can be deceiving. Enter the Arena is a good card game that will challenge any player, be they Child, Parent, or Gamer Geek." 
 “This is a great card game! It’s strategic! It’s tactical! It’s fun! I’d play this again and again with my kids.”
"One Gamer Geek said, 'This isn’t a game about mindless combat. You have to think through each sword swing and every raised shield.' Another Gamer Geek said, 'Gods, this is a light game, but it would be perfect for lunch breaks, at the bar, or playing when waiting for others to show up.'” 
"Taking risks really pays off if you can play your cards right."

Want to learn to play Enter The Arena? Check out our game mechanics video!

Wrath of Cthulhu.jpg

Wrath of Cthulhu

Cthulhu pinball? Sign me up! Play through the engaging and psychologically nebulous world of H.P. Lovecraft in this upcoming, artisan pinball game! Created by the wonderful craftsmen at The Rebel Unit, with a thematic collaboration from us at Promethean Games Inc.

For more info, check out

Nahui-Cetl Logo w.stars and ring.png

Nahui-Cetl: Sixth Age of the Aztecs

The apocalypse is upon us! The sixth destruction and recreation of the world has been foretold, and the Nahui-cetl (Ice Sun) shall soon be here. The gods must be appeased with hearts and blood. Take command of an (in)famous city-state, and go forth to claim the most Sacrifices to assure your city’s survival into the next age.

Lesson 1: Nahui-cetl is pronounced " Nah we - set'l "

Free print & play game! It includes a full set of game rules, printable chits and cards!

What you will need:

18x Warrior Cards
1x 6-sided Dice
13x Sacrifice Chits (printable in the document above)

What if I don't want to print anything?

If you have a standard deck of playing cards and a single 6-sided dice, you can still play! Follow the instructions in the rule document on how to deconstruct the standard playing card deck.

What does the document contain?

Our design document contains all the rules you will need to play Nahui-Cetl: Sixth Age of the Aztecs, and a variety of other goodies! Inside you will find custom artwork, detailed examples of play, customized playing cards, Sacrifice Chits, detailed briefs about particular Aztec myths and legends, translations and phonetic spellings of classical Nahuatl (Aztec/Mayan) words (so you can learn to pronounce them correctly!) and teachings about the Aztec vigesimal numerical system (so you can learn how to count to twenty in classical Nahuatl and draw runes representing numbers up to 400 [which is surprisingly easy!])

Nahui-Cetl is very easy and quick to play. We hope you will also enjoy the educational value of the game, and maybe even inspire you to learn more about these fascinating cultures!

ISS Himilayas.jpg

Around the world in Infinity days

The goal of the game is to visit as many locations/places in history while they are in their most pristine, most beautiful, most completed forms, or unique figures and events that millions of people would love to see.

You are a customer of a futuristic travel agency, one that has finally discovered the technology of time travel. Hop aboard one of their Time Travel Capsules (TTC), pick a direction in time, and go! However, due to some Time Travel Residue™, squares can only be visited by a TTC twice before it can no longer be visited! (Don’t ask me, it’s science.) Collect the most Tourism Chits by the end of the game to win!

Free print & play game! It includes a full set of game rulesprintable chits and cards!

What you will need:

1x Game Board (printable)

1x Set of Chits (printable)

1x 6-sided Dice

What if I don't want to print anything?

Not recommended. While the chits are simple, the board is a complex.

What does the document contain?

Our design document contains all the rules required to play Around The World In ∞ Days. For history buffs, the game might provide some interesting wonders of the world, important events, and their associated A.D./B.C.E. time frames, as well as a some future times/events I completely fabricated. Enjoy!