Around the world in Infinity days

The goal of the game is to visit as many locations/places in history while they are in their most pristine, most beautiful, most completed forms, or unique figures and events that millions of people would love to see.

You are a customer of a futuristic travel agency, one that has finally discovered the technology of time travel. Hop aboard one of their Time Travel Capsules (TTC), pick a direction in time, and go! However, due to some Time Travel Residue™, squares can only be visited by a TTC twice before it can no longer be visited! (Don’t ask me, it’s science.) Collect the most Tourism Chits by the end of the game to win!

Free print & play game! It includes a full set of game rulesprintable chits and cards!

What you will need:

1x Game Board (printable)

1x Set of Chits (printable)

1x 6-sided Dice

What if I don't want to print anything?

Not recommended. While the chits are simple, the board is a complex.

What does the document contain?

Our design document contains all the rules required to play Around The World In ∞ Days. For history buffs, the game might provide some interesting wonders of the world, important events, and their associated A.D./B.C.E. time frames, as well as a some future times/events I completely fabricated. Enjoy!